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This book is about changing your vibration. Through sharing his personal life story—and many energy shifting exercises—Carmine will show you how to activate your power to change your vibration.

Sadness, depression and fear are messages from your soul. Your soul is trying to bring you back home—to love. Love is who you are, love is where your soul came from, and love is what you came here to be … and feel.

Carmine shares his success story of living a peaceful, happy and love-filled life, after having lived with depression, anxiety and fear for thirteen years.

A health scare forced him to stop being so busy and ask himself some serious questions: Who am I? Where do I really want to be? What do I really want to be doing with my time? What am I waiting for? What really matters now?

His long search for meaning, happiness and love ended six months later—upon the shore of Port Macquarie beach in New South Wales, Australia. He was thirty-four but felt as though he had just been placed upon Planet Earth—with an infinite amount of courage and love in his heart. He had finally broken free from the prison cell of his scattered and busy mind. This is an incredible tale from Afghanistan to angels—and from swapping the spirit in a bottle for the spirit within.

In the last chapter of this book, Carmine shares all of the strategies that he used to transform his own life in a 12 Steps to Freedom program—with the intention that you will be inspired to let go of any regrets, clear your slate, tune into your heart and take a second chance at living the life you really want to live.

Love, peace, happiness and freedom are within these pages …

if you are willing to take the journey.

How far can Love go? Let’s find out …


The JOY FM radio interview talking about the book ‘Change your vibration’ is available to listen to by clicking this link: Change your vibration – JOY FM

A 40-minute video (411MB) of my talk at the Chicago Conscious Living World Fair is available for viewing on YouTube by clicking this link: Change your vibration video – Chicago

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Taking my life back!

I read Carmine Caputo’s book Change your vibration, while I was stuck within my house and bed, crippled with panic attacks. I’d forgotten how to love and have faith in myself! With the help of his book, I slowly began to realise that I can change the way I think and I could become me again. I have since been able to leave the house, socialise and I go back to work tomorrow after a 7 month break. Thank you Carmine for showing me the way and helping me take my life back! Xx

Lisa Seia

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