Change your vibration

This book is about changing your vibration. Through sharing his personal life story—and many energy shifting exercises—Carmine will show you how to activate your power to change your vibration.

Sadness, depression and fear are messages from your soul. Your soul is trying to bring you back home—to love. Love is who you are, love is where your soul came from, and love is what you came here to be … and feel.

Carmine shares his success story of living a peaceful, happy and love-filled life, after having lived with depression, anxiety and fear for thirteen years.

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Reiki is the placing of hands on or near a person’s body and over the course of 60 OR 90 minutes – Carmine is able to channel universal healing energy to assist you to re-establish physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. Reiki has had such a positive and dramatic effect on Carmine’s well-being that he has learnt how to conduct and teach the energetic healing for others.

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Card readings

Many people have questions about their life purpose, career or romance … Carmine is able to use the Angel cards during a private reading to provide you with the likely outcome of any questions you may have. Contact Carmine to organise a private reading today. Readings can be conducted over the phone, using Skype or in person (In Melbourne or while Carmine is on tour around the country).

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